• Pedagogical approaches in a compliance with the latest valid National Education Programme for Art Schools approved by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic, and supported by The Framework Education Programme for Art Schools in the Czech Republic
  • Project-based lessons (based on an interconnection of individual tasks)
  • The latest art alternatives and concepts
  • Art presented as a complex way of perceiving the world including participation of all the components of personality like sensibility and rationality, intuition and intellect, fantasy, temperament, intentional and unintentional mental processes

Harmonization of one’s personality is guaranteed in The School Educational Programme.
The socio-educational system has its syllabus and a structure: vertically, it is divided into thematic rows (scopes) and horizontally into educational topics of Art.

We focus upon intersubject relations and complex learning at both rational and spiritual level.

The specific of our school – the way of presenting Art works via the Polyecran Method both in school and at exhibitions – represents an intense incentive with a didactic intention to show variedness, an individuality and effectiveness of children’s art works within one thematic concept.