The aims of our school

  • Education for creativity
  • Educational system accepting an individuality, sensitivity, inclinations, differences and innate abilities to progress as well as stimulating and satisfying human curiosity
  • Development of a human personality including a compact and more than pragmatic view of the world (an aesthetic, rational and emotional perception, education for interpersonal communication and toleration)
  • Training and preparation for studies at Art high schools or Art academies
  • Studies for children aged from 5

Since the principles of creativity do not vary in many kinds of human activity, the education by art is of great importance for development of creativity in other types of human activities. Art receives impulses from various human activities and natural phenomena. As for school education, this leads to the use of intersubject links and relations among interests. The system of understanding Art, like this one, is open – it has some signs of both interdisciplinary overlaps and multimediality.

Like in development of species, where art plays an important role in cultivation – humanization, similarly it works also in development of an individual by the means of original needs for expressing oneself (needs for leaving a trail, naming space and objects, articulating shape and sound, making a gesture, pretending and imitating, interpreting, playing and restructuring the reality) – expressing oneself by the means of art still works as a way of one’s own integration into culture.