• Drawing (pencil, graphite and other leads, pen-and-ink drawing)
  • Painting and combined techniques (tempera, aquarelle, pastels)
  • Graphic arts (collage prints, paper engraving, rubber print, dry-point, lino-cut, woodcarving, material printing and more)
  • Modelling and work with materials (pottery, sculpture, paper, three-dimensional objects)
  • Photography
  • Textile creations (free and utility textile products, weaving)
  • Art in nature

“Pablo“ represents a child, a baby boy name as well as Pablo Picasso’s name, and furthermore, it evokes a happy story of a Spanish boy.
The Private Primary Art School Pablo offers high-quality conditions for exploring creative space by using complete equipment and it also offers precisely chosen pedagogues in the first place.

We provide a child with a opportunity to get oriented in the field of Art, thanks to which:
  • a child gets to know all the basic elements of Art language: spot, line, blot, shape, area/space, light/shadow, as well as the means of composition, rhythm, symmetry, balance, motion, proportions, contrast and harmony
  • by the means of an art language, a child can discover possibilities of non-verbal communication
  • by practising directly, a child verifies its abilities and skills of using media of colour, clay, graphic materials etc.
  • and last but not least, every child can satisfy its natural need for images