Online Teaching

Dear Parents and Students,

We are launching online lessons via the Sofigreo platformwhich will greatly facilitate our communication with students during the COVID 19 pandemic (providing lessons and courses in the form of texts, pictures, videos, and the possibility for direct discussions in the form of chatting, messaging, etc...).
Through this platform teachers will not only share online lessons, but also give students creative assignments, which they will then discuss on the platform. 
This means that a certain level of activity is expected from the students. 
Soficreo represents a different quality, complexity and way of working for the teacher, as it takes place on another plane with an emphasis on psycho-social effects and keeping children in an activating rhythm and process. In this case, the formal result of material work is less important than the creativity developed in a home environment. The content and the mental process is implicitly provided by the educator, further developing the awareness and lively thought process of our young artists. It leads them to more independent decision making and, through the available discussions with the teacher via this platform, also to direct interaction and a closer examination of the chosen techniques and procedures.
The structure of the platform allows for a complete didactic approach and new methodological techniques in communication between the teacher and the student. Ultimately this can also be followed and observed. It is not a lesser valued educational tool, but only one that provides a different breeding ground for a child's development. It is definitely a change in the dynamics of the thought process with an emphasis on abstraction and imagination, as well as on nurturing the criteria for self-assessment and monitoring one's own limits. For teachers there is a high degree of ethos in accepting the current crisis regime, which, of course, influences educational content. While for the child in this dynamic process it is about reflecting on his or her reactions.
It is necessary to trust this platform and to use it to create and shape all that is essential through mutual communication.

All you need is one working device according to what is available to you (PC, notebook, tablet, or smartphone).

We are looking forward to your cooperation.